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Saturday 10/05/13Short Track and Super D
Map to Venue
Online Pre-reg from Mon Aug-05 at 12:00 AM to Fri Oct-04 at 8:00 PM
Super D practice opens at 12:00 - 4:00pm
EntryStartFieldPrize /
 Collegiate Men C (Short Track)$14.0009:00 AM010020 min
 Collegiate Women B (Short Track)$14.0009:30 AM010020 min
 Collegiate Men B (Short Track)$14.0010:00 AM010025 min
 Collegiate Women A (Short Track)$14.0010:35 AM010030 min
 Collegiate Men A (Short Track)$14.0011:15 AM010030 min
 Cat 3/Juniors M$20.0012:30 PM010020 min
 Cat 2 M$20.0001:00 PM010025 min
 Cat 2 F$20.0001:00 PM010025 min
 Cat Pro/Cat 1 M$20.0001:35 PM010030 min
 Cat Pro/Cat 1 F$20.0001:35 PM010030 min
 Coed B/C Relay (Collegiate)$28.0002:30 PM01004 Laps
 Coed A Relay (Collegiate)$28.0003:00 PM01004 Laps
 Cat 1/Pro Men (Super D)$20.0004:00 PM01002 Runs
 Cat 2/3 Men (Super D)$20.0004:00 PM01002 Runs
 Cat 1/Pro Women (Super D)$20.0004:00 PM01002 Runs
 Juniors Open (Super D)$20.0004:00 PM01002 Runs
 Collegiate Men A (Super D)$14.0004:00 PM01002 Runs
 Collegiate Men B (Super D)$14.0004:00 PM01002 Runs
 Collegiate Men C (Super D)$14.0004:00 PM01002 Runs
 Collegiate Women A (Super D)$14.0004:00 PM01002 Runs
 Collegiate Women B (Super D)$14.0004:00 PM01002 Runs
Sunday 10/06/13Cross Country
Map to Venue
Online Pre-reg from Tue Aug-06 at 12:00 AM to Sat Oct-05 at 8:00 PM
EntryStartFieldPrize /
 Collegiate Men B$14.0009:00 AM01004 laps
 Collegiate Men C$14.0009:02 AM01003 laps
 Collegiate Women B$14.0009:04 AM01002 laps
 Collegiate Men A$14.0010:30 AM01005 laps
 Collegiate Women A$14.0010:32 AM01004 laps
 Cat1/Pro Men 15-29$30.0012:30 PM01005 laps
 Cat 1 Men 30-39$30.0012:30 PM01005 laps
 Cat 1 Men 40-49$30.0012:30 PM01005 laps
 Cat 1 Men 50+$30.0012:30 PM01005 laps
 Cat1/Pro Women 15-29$30.0012:32 PM01004 laps
 Cat 1 Women 30+$30.0012:32 PM01004 laps
 Cat 2 Men 19-29$25.0002:30 PM01004 laps
 Cat 2 Men 30-39$25.0002:30 PM01004 laps
 Cat 2 Men 40-49$25.0002:30 PM01004 laps
 Cat 2 Men 50+$25.0002:30 PM01004 laps
 Open Singlespeed$25.0002:30 PM01004 laps
 Junior Men 15-18$20.0002:32 PM01003 laps
 Cat 2 Women$25.0002:34 PM01003 laps
 Cat 3 Men 19-29$25.0004:30 PM01002 laps
 Cat 3 Men 30 -39$25.0004:30 PM01002 laps
 Cat 3 Men 40+$25.0004:30 PM01002 laps
 Cat 3 Women$20.0004:32 PM01002 laps
 Junior Men 10-14$20.0004:34 PM01002 laps
 Junior Women 10-18$20.0004:36 PM01002 laps
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