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Saturday 09/07/13Bent Creek Community Park
Asheville Cyclocross Website
Online Pre-reg from Sat Aug-10 at 7:15 PM to Fri Sep-06 at 11:00 PM
EntryStartFieldPrize /
 Women's Beginner$20.0010:00 AM0100Trophies30 Min
 Men Beginner$20.0010:00 AM0100Trophies30 Min
 Men's B$20.0010:45 AM0100Trophies40 Min
 Women's A/B$20.0010:45 AM0100Trophies40 Min
 Masters 35+$20.0001:00 PM0100Trophies40 Min
 Men's A$20.0002:00 PM0100Trophies50 Min
Saturday 09/21/13Carrier Park Night Race
Directions to Carrier Park
Online Pre-reg from Sun Sep-15 at 7:15 PM to Sat Sep-21 at 9:00 AM
EntryStartFieldPrize /
 Women's Beginner$20.0003:00 PM0100Trophies30 Min
 Men Beginner$20.0003:00 PM0100Trophies30 Min
 Men's B$20.0003:45 PM0100Trophies40 Min
 Women's A$20.0003:45 PM0100Trophies40 Min
 Masters 35+ $20.0005:30 PM0100Trophies50 Min
 Men's A$20.0006:30 PM0100Trophies40 Min
Sunday 10/13/13Pisgah Brewery
Directions to Brewery
Online Pre-reg from Sat Sep-21 at 7:15 PM to Sat Oct-12 at 11:59 PM
This is the last race for 2013 AVLCX, be on the lookout for some cool new prizes!!!
EntryStartFieldPrize /
 Women's Beginner$20.0011:30 AM0100Trophies30 Min
 Men Beginner$20.0011:30 AM0100Trophies30 Min
 Men's B$20.0012:15 PM0100Trophies40 Min
 Women's A$20.0012:15 PM0100Trophies40 Min
 Masters 35+$20.0002:30 PM0100Trophies40 Min
 Men's A$20.0003:30 PM01000Trophies50 Min
 Cross Country Race by FootRX$9,999.0001:15 PM00