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Saturday 08/07/10Page Valley Road Race
Google Map to Road Course
 Cat 5 Men0merchandise30 miles
 Cat 4 Women0medals/$10030 miles
 Cat 1-2 Men0medals/$30074 miles
 Cat 3 Men0medals/$20063 miles
 Cat 4 Men0medals/$15052 miles
 Cat 1-2 Women0med/$300/$15052 miles
 Cat 5 Wait List0
 Women 30
Sunday 08/08/10Luray Criterium
Google Map to Crit Course
 Cat 5 Men0merchandise45 minutes
 Cat 4 Women0merchandise45 minutes
 35+ 3/4 Men0trophy/$15045 minutes
 Cat 1-2 Men0$25075 minutes
 Grand Fondo “Fitness Challenge”0merchandise15 minutes
 Cat 4 Men015060 minutes
 Cat 3 Men015060 minutes
 Cat 1-2 Women0$250/$15060 minutes
 Small T-Shirt 0
 Medium T-Shirt0
 Large T-Shirt 0
 Extra Large T-Shirt0
 Women 30
Sunday 08/08/10KOM Points
Google Map to Crit Course
 Cat 5 Men045 minutes
 Cat 4 Women045 minutes
 Cat 1-2 Men075 minutes
 Cat 4 Men060 minutes
 Cat 3 Men060 minutes
 Cat 1-2 Women060 minutes
 Women 30
Sunday 08/08/10Crit Points
Google Map to Crit Course
 Cat 5 Men0
 Cat 4 Women0
 Cat 1-2 Men0
 Cat 4 Men0
 Cat 3 Men0
 Cat 1-2 Women0
 Women 30
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